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Painters in Residence

Annie Sloan set up her ‘Painters in Residence’ programme in order to promote interesting and inspirational ways of using Chalk Paint® through collaboration with creatives around the world.

A patchwork of projects from Annie Sloan's Painters in Residence

How does it work?

The concept is very loosely based on the way an art gallery or museum will, from time to time, have an ‘artist in residence’ to inhabit those places as a way to get inspired to create their own works inside or outside the venue.

Painters in Residence are selected by invitation only. Each Painter in Residence is carefully selected by Annie based on their style and the interesting work they create. They won’t be taking up residence at Annie Sloan HQ, but they will be exploring the boundaries of decorative furniture painting. They are all different in approach, colour, tone and textures and their styles range from French elegance to funky Bohemian to quirky rustic country fused with loud fabrics.

Visit our Inspiration page or follow Annie's blog to see pictures and how to's from all our Painters in Residences' projects. And remember to follow #PaintersInResidence on Instagram and Facebook, as well as Annie's Painters in Residence board on Pinterest.

Our current resident

Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Hester van Overbeek

Hester van Overbeek

Originally from the Netherlands, Hester is an inspirational DIY-er who has based herself in the UK for the last 14 years. She lives in the seaside town of Ramsgate with her partner, her daughter Kiki and dog, Kermit. Hester says “I've been making things all my life; my mum taught me how to work with fabric and my dad showed me woodwork and power tools.” During her residency, you can expect upcycles, hacks, and heaps of Nordic style. You can follow her projects as they're revealed on our Inspiration page.

Find More Inspiration 

Our recent residents

Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Ildiko Horvath

Ildiko Horvath

Based in Canada, Hungarian-born Ildiko Horvath has been creating wonderful work with my paint and products over recent years. She has no formal training as either an artist or interior designer (she used to be a piano teacher in Hungary!), but has had her home featured on HGTV and in House and Home Magazine. She is the master of the ombré technique, gradually blending colours from one to the other and creating a gorgeously rich and sumptuous patina.

 Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Jonathan Marc Mendes

Jonathon Marc Mendes

Jonathon Marc Mendes is from Lincolnshire in the UK. He has been using Annie Sloan paints and products for some time, exploring lots of different techniques, textures and patterns. He takes inspiration from a range of different styles, from mid-century to Victorian.

 Hanayuishi Takaya

Hanayuishi Takaya

From Kyoto, Japan, Hanayuishi Takaya combines floristry with art and fashion to create one-of-a-kind headdresses. He uses all sorts of objects in his work - flowers, vegetables and fruits, even taxidermy! – to create his unique and ethereal pieces. He works on the spot, allowing the personalty of the person to spontaneously invent, calling it ‘a unity of human and nature'.

Our past residents

Simon Olsson in Sweden

Jelena Pticek in Canada

Tim Gould in the UK

Abigail*Ryan in Northern Ireland

Agnieszka Krawczyk in Poland

Karen Donnelly in the USA

Alex Russell Flint in France

Beau Ford in Australia

Janice Issitt in the UK

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