Sacred Heart Chalk Paint™ Bedside Cabinets

by 84 Square

These bedside cabinets by Painter in Residence 84 Square ooze regal, gothic glamour. 84 Square used Roman Catholic imagery and rich, ostentatious colours reminiscent of the pomp and opulence of orthodox religious ceremony to bring real drama and extravagance to her side tables!


84 Square Sacred Heart Beside Tablets featuring Lamp and Floral Arrangement
84 Square Chalk Paint Bedside Table featuring Floral Arrangement

Step 1: Chalk Paint™

84 Square’s first step was to mix Chalk Paintin vivid green Florence with pillar box scarlet Emperor’s Silk, in a ratio of 1:2. This made the perfect complex and dramatic base colour for her gilded detailwork and handmade Ex Voto handles to shine against. 84 Square used two coats to guarantee full coverage and depth of colour, with no missed patches.

Step 2: Gold Size & Metallic Leaf

Next, she used a stencil to apply Gold Size. Gold Size is the glue which we use to affix Metallic Leaf (available in Imitation Gold, Imitation Silver and Copper) to surfaces. 84 Square carefully secured her stencil in place with masking tape and was sure to apply the size in stippling motions using a Stencil Brush, rather than fluid brush strokes. These measures helped keep the gold sacred heart details at their most beautiful!

Remember, minor changes can always be made once the Gold Size and Leaf has dried by painting Chalk Paint over the top of the gilded area.

84 Square then removed her stencil and waited for the Gold Size to turn clear from iridescent purple (this is when it’s properly sticky). The perfect amount of time to grab a quick cup of tea and wash up gluey brushes (the quicker the better. Warm soapy water is all you need)!

Lastly, she laid down her sheets of Imitation Gold Loose Leaf, gently pressed into the tacky Gold Size, and brushed away the edges. Click here for a full tutorial on gilding. 84 Square also used some of her offcuts to gild and draw attention to the ornate carved parts of the bedside tables.

84 Square Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Chalk Paint Bedside Tables Close Up of Metallic Leaf Detail
84 Square Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Chalk Paint Bedside Tables Close Up of Metallic Leaf Detail

Step 3: Wax

She then allowed to dry before applying Clear Chalk Paint Wax to the entire piece of furniture. For finishing touches, judicious application of Black Chalk Paint Wax around the golden sacred hearts creates a glossily shadowed vignetted effect, to further draw the eye and contrast with the light-reflecting metallics. Lastly, 84 Square added her statement handmade cross handles to the bedside cabinets, the perfect accessory to add drama to her gothic glam painting. Explore her range of bespoke home accessories, here.



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