Black Rose Half Moon Chalk Paint™ Table

by 84 Square

84 Square has brought us another stunning instalment in her series as Painter in Residence with this gothic romantic black-magic inspired half moon Chalk Paint™ table transformation.

Painter in Residence 84 Square Half Moon Table with Lamp and Book Staging

This monochromatic makeover makes use of one of the strongest colour combinations in the Chalk Paint™ artists’ palette: dramatic Athenian Black and light reflecting metallic Gold Gilding Wax. Black makes a statement backdrop against which all other colours shine, but for the most impact juxtapose with metallics or bright white.

Step 1: Chalk Paint™

Rather than creating a textured base, 84 Square wanted a very smooth finish. In order to achieve this, she applied her paint using an Annie Sloan Flat Brush. We recommend these brushes for creating smooth finishes to your furniture. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Brushes, on the other hand, are designed to help you add texture to your painting.

Once 84 Square’s first coat of Athenian Black had fully dried, she sanded back using a Fine Annie Sloan Sanding Pad (available as part of a three pack including Coarse, Medium and Fine sandpaper pads). This fine sanding pad will give the smoothest possible finish. Once sanded, brush away any dust before applying a second coat of Athenian Black or you’ll undo all your hard work by adding in unwanted texture!

Step 2: Wax

84 Square then armed herself with some Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax (and a lint free cloth) before applying all over to protect that gorgeous finish. Next, she added Black Chalk Paint™ Wax over the top. This gives a deep, glossy, pitch black finish for her gold highlights to contrast against.

Annie’s tip: when applying Black Chalk Paint™ Wax, less is more! Always put a base of Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax down first so excess can be easily removed without tinting the Chalk Paint™ base.

Annie Sloan Painter in Residence Chalk Painted Gilded Table
Close Up 84 Square Painter in Residence Decorative Gilding

Step 3: Gilding Wax

Once dried, 84 Square used Warm Gold Gilding Wax to outline the edges of the rose carvings on the table. She used Bright Gold Gilding Wax in the centre of the flowers and blended out. This adds depth and dimension to these ornate details. There is no need to apply Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax to protect over Gilding Waxes; simply allow to dry and cure.

As always, please do tag us on Instagram using @anniesloanhome and @chalkpaint if you’re inspired by this Black Rose piece from 84 Square! We LOVE sharing your work!


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