How to Paint a Radiator with Chalk Paint®

In this quick tutorial Annie demonstrates how to Chalk Paint® a radiator – quickly, easily, and with a few extra Annie-approved tips thrown in for good measure!

  1. Prep the radiator by giving it a quick clean with a damp cloth (no harsh chemicals, use warm soapy water if necessary). There is no requirement for any sanding or priming – just paint!
  2. For demonstration purposes Annie has taken the radiator off the wall but in most cases it would be easier and just as effective to paint the radiator whilst it’s still attached.
  3. Make sure the radiator is off and cold.
  4. Choose your Chalk Paint® colour – here Annie has used Chicago Grey. As always, stir your paint well before each use.
  5. Apply Chalk Paint® directly to the radiator – it’s that simple! Chalk Paint® Brushes have been developed to work especially well with Chalk Paint®, but any brush will do.
  6. As metal is a non-porous surface, the paint will not absorb into the radiator. This means that the first coat may be streaky and will take longer to dry: do not be alarmed! This is normal. Just be sure to leave sufficient drying time between coats. In some cases, a third coat of Chalk Paint® may be required to achieve full, smooth coverage.
  7. Once painted and dry you could finish your radiator makeover with Chalk Paint® Wax or Lacquer, but this is not essential. Heat from when the radiators are in use will seal Chalk Paint®. Chalk Paint® Lacquer or Wax may be a style choice, and will also add extra durability, ensuring the paint is wipe-clean which may be desirable in heavy-duty areas. Annie’s radiators are generally not finished with Lacquer or Wax.
  8. *TIP* To avoid Chalk Paint® cracking, ensure the radiator is fully dry for a minimum of 24 hours before use. Heat can cause paint to crack whilst drying (something Annie uses to her advantage for certain paint techniques! Enquire with your Stockist for more on this – and other – Chalk Paint® tricks).
  9. *TIP* If choosing to apply Chalk Paint® Wax ensure the radiator is fully dry (allow a few days) before putting the heat back on.

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