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Pop Art Tray by Jeanie Simpson
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Pop Art Tray by Jeanie Simpson

Painter in Residence Jeanie Simpson took inspiration from the famous kaleidoscope pattern-repeats by Andy Warhol when designing this colourful tray, which she picked up from a charity shop for NZ$5.

Jeanie mixed Chalk Paint® in Napoleonic Blue and Graphite together to create a navy blue colour for the base of the tray, and used a bright palette of Chalk Paint® colours for the design.

Jeanie divided the base of the tray into nine rectangles and painted each a different colour. Using a Stencil Brush she applied the Hands Stencil - loosely painting the design inside each of the rectangles. Once dry, she painted over her original stencil, using a different colour and placing the stencil slightly off centre to create a shadow of the colour below.

The tray was finished with two coats of lacquer for a harder-wearing finish.

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