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Lacquered Splattered Floor

Lacquered Splattered Floor

For this modern room, Annie has painted the walls with Wall Paint in Napoleonic Blue and the floor boards and G-Plan piece with Chalk Paint® in Napoleonic Blue. Once dry, she used Chalk Paint® in Louis Blue and flicked it using a paint brush and her fingers. She splattered on the floor and slightly up the wall, creating a galactic pattern. Once happy with the result, she applied masking tape slightly above the skirting board where she wanted the splatter texture to finish, and lightly sanded above this section before painting again with Napoleonic Blue.

Next, using Chalk Paint® Lacquer in Gloss, she lacquered the floor and splatter pattern up the wall, giving a sharp modern contrast to the wall and to protect the floorboards from wear-and-tear. Annie recommends using Chalk Paint® Lacquer on floors as the Lacquer is hard wearing. The G-Plan sideboard has also been painted with Chalk Paint® in Napoleonic Blue and lacquered with Chalk Paint® Lacquer in Matt, to give a textured contrast to the floor.

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