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Games Table by Hester van Overbeek
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Games Table by Hester van Overbeek

This Formica drop leaf table was painted all over in two coats of Original.

Hester transformed the central section using the Detail Brush Set to create abstract figures and shapes inspired by Matisse’s expressionistic pattern-making. Her palette consisted of bold colours; Henrietta, Florence, Barcelona Orange, Duck Egg Blue, Scandinavian Pink, Emile, and Arles.

She painted her backgammon board using a triangle shaped cardboard template and a pencil. She filled her geometric outlines with Henrietta and Scandinavian Pink before adding line and dot details.

Finally, the snakes and ladders board was carefully marked out using a ruler. The board numbers and the snakes and ladders details were then painted over the grid, and the whole thing was finished with Lacquer to protect it. 

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