How to use Chalk Paint® to update a fence

Painting outside with Chalk Paint® is easy! Watch Annie demonstrate how to paint a garden gate, from her home in Oxford, using Chalk Paint® in Olive.

  1. When painting outside it’s important to check the weather forecast; ensure that a few dry days without rain are forecast!
  2. If possible, start to paint in the morning. This is best as it means the sun won’t be as strong and the paint won’t dry too quickly.
  3. Remove any dirt and cobwebs with a cloth.
  4. Perform a small test patch. If you are planning on using Chalk Paint® Lacquer to finish, be sure to test with both paint and lacquer. If a stain comes through the paint and lacquer, seal the whole gate with a clear stain blocker.
  5. Open your tin of Chalk Paint® and stir thoroughly. Here, Annie is using Chalk Paint® in Olive.
  6. Apply straight to the wood, painting in every direction. You can even paint the hinges as Chalk Paint® can be applied to most surfaces.
  7. Leave to dry for 1-2 days.
  8. You can choose to seal your fence with Chalk Paint® Lacquer or leave it as it is. Vertical surfaces, such as fences or outside walls, are not as susceptible to water or UV damage so it’s not necessary to seal with Lacquer. Anything horizontal or diagonal, such as roofs or garden furniture, will need to be sealed with Chalk Paint® Lacquer to protect the paint work from the elements.

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