How to Protect Outdoor Furniture with Chalk Paint® Lacquer

Chalk Paint® Lacquer by Annie Sloan is perfect for use outdoors. Discover Annie's top tips and technical info on how to apply her Lacquer to furniture for the garden.

  1. Paint your piece of outdoor furniture with Chalk Paint® – here Annie has used Giverny.
  2. Give the Lacquer a good stir. You can use either a Matt or Gloss finish, here Annie is using Matt Chalk Paint® Lacquer. Decant the Lacquer into a paint tray (if desired).
  3. Using a Chalk Paint® Brush, apply Lacquer all over the chair. Make sure to fully cover the chair, not just the bits you can see. This will ensure complete protection from the elements.
  4. Top tip: start by painting the chair upside down – this will make covering every surface easier.
  5. Once completed, wait for a few hours for the Lacquer to dry. Then do a second coat of the Lacquer, making sure to wash your brush between coats to save it!
  6. Make sure the Lacquer has had time to fully cure (up to 2 weeks) before subjecting it to the rain and elements outside.

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