How to use Chalk Paint® Lacquer

Annie demonstrates how to apply Chalk Paint® Lacquer in both Gloss and Matt finishes.

  1. Chalk Paint® Lacquer can be applied with either a Sponge Roller or a brush, the choice is up to you.
  2. First, be sure to mix the Lacquer thoroughly.
  3. If applying with a Sponge Roller, decant some Lacquer into a roller tray.
  4. Load the roller with the Lacquer. Squash the roller down to remove excess Lacquer – too much Lacquer can give a slightly opaque, whitened look.
  5. Roller the Lacquer onto the piece of furniture – moving in every direction, making sure every part is covered in the Lacquer.
  6. Finish the edges off with a small brush, making sure to leave no drips visible.
  7. It’s crucial to not over work Lacquer – this may give an uneven finish.
  8. If applying with a brush, either decant some Lacquer into a tray or use straight from the tin.
  9. Brush the Lacquer on lightly. Again, brush in every direction and do not over work the Lacquer.
  10. Once you’ve applied a full coat of Lacquer, create a smooth finish by feathering the wet Lacquer. This is done by holding the brush at 90° to the surface, and very lightly brushing up and down. Annie does this to remove some of the larger brush marks, but it is not essential to the finish.
  11. However you decide to apply Lacquer, be sure to do two coats. The second coat can be applied as soon as the first coat is dry; about one-two hours depending on the climate.
  12. Once two coats are dry, the Lacquer is safe to use. However please note the Lacquer takes up to two weeks to fully harden (cure), so be careful with it until then. If using outside, make sure it stays out of prolonged rainfall until after two weeks.

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