How to Paint and Lacquer a Kitchen Table with Chalk Paint®

Annie Sloan demonstrates how to paint a kitchen table so that it can survive years of mealtimes, hot plates, homework and whatever else your family throws at it! Kitchen tables need to be hardworking and durable so it’s important to be thorough when painting yours.

  • Always remove all dust and dirt before painting.
  • This table is made of pine; because pine often has a yellow-orange tint please allow enough Chalk Paint® for two coats. Particularly if, like Annie, you are using a lighter colour from the Chalk Paint® palette.
  • Annie always performs “patch tests” before using Chalk Paint® and Lacquer. This is a very important step. The ingredients in Lacquer can draw old stains in the wood through Chalk Paint® and to the surface of your painted piece, leaving unsightly marks.
  • In order to test, apply Lacquer to small areas of your piece. If you notice “bleed-through”, don’t be alarmed! You can still use Chalk Paint®, but you will need to apply a stain blocker first. Apply chosen stain-blocker over the entire piece of furniture and allow to dry to seal in any stains. Then apply Chalk Paint® over this.
  • If you want an ultra-smooth finish: dilute the Chalk Paint® slightly with water. Use a roller rather than a brush to apply the paint in thin, even layers. Sand gently between coats.
  • Ensure Chalk Paint® is completely dry before applying Lacquer. Stir Chalk Paint® Lacquer thoroughly prior to use.
  • When applying lacquer, work methodically. Any gaps in the finish will compromise the protection of the whole table. Allow to dry fully and then apply a second coat, using the same methodical approach.
  • The table will be ready to use immediately but the Lacquer needs a few weeks to harden to maximum strength, so be gentle with it at first.
  • Upkeep: wipe and wash your table as usual, using clean soapy water and avoiding harsh chemicals such as bleach.
  • If you notice the lacquer begin to wear over time, reapply.

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