Tis the season! To use Chalk Paint™ outside, that is.

Can You Use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Outside?

Absolutely! Chalk Paint loves the great outdoors! It offers an inexpensive way to freshen up garden furniture, fencing (more on that, here!), plant pots, sheds, and even walls. Choose bright colours to bring extra impact to your garden even when flowers aren’t blooming. Or use cool-toned pinks and neutrals to create sophisticated, minimalist-chic exterior spaces. Explore the Chalk Paint palette here. We do not recommend using Annie Sloan Wall Paint or Annie Sloan Satin Paint outside.

There are a few things to bear in mind when using Chalk Paint™ outdoors, so please have a read through before you start:

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Outdoor Painted Furniture Scene featuring Table and Chairs and Chalk Paint Wall in Scandinavian Pink
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Outside Painted Furniture Scene featuring Table and Chairs and Chalk Paint Wall in Scandinavian Pink Close Up

How To Paint Outdoor Furniture

Before starting, give your furniture a quick wipe down to remove cobwebs, dirt, and dust. If your furniture is rusted or has old paintwork peeling, we recommend removing this before re-painting. Although you will be able to paint over these, they will compromise the finish, continuing to peel beneath the Chalk Paint™. Indeed, eventually rust and old paint will flake off taking your lovely new paint job with them! Rust may even show through, so best to tackle it head on.

There’s no need to sand outdoor furniture before painting unless you’re painting a shiny surface (e.g. plastic garden furniture!). And as with using Chalk Paint™ indoors, there’s no need to prep or prime your outdoor furniture.

Once your furniture is clean, apply your Chalk Paint™ colour of choice using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Brushes for a textured finish or Flat Brushes for a smooth, contemporary finish and allow your furniture to dry (at least 2-3 hours).

Next, you’re ready to make sure your outdoor furniture is protected from the elements:

How To Make Chalk Paint™ Waterproof

Chalk Paint Lacquer is your garden furnitures’ best defence not only against peeling paint caused by water damage but also against UV rays and fading colour intensity. Apply Chalk Paint™ Lacquer thoroughly to all painted garden furniture. Choose from Matt Lacquer for a matt finish or Gloss Lacquer for a light sheen, but not ultra-glossy, finish.

It’s important to apply Chalk Paint™ comprehensively, making an effort not to miss any patches, as even small gaps could allow water to get in and affect the entirety of the piece of furniture. We recommend a minimum of two coats for peace of mind, leaving a few hours for the first coat to dry between applications. 

Lastly, make sure not to expose lacquered furniture to the elements until the Chalk Paint™ Lacquer is fully dry. Click here for a full guide to using Chalk Paint™ Lacquer on outdoor furniture.

There are some instances where it isn’t necessary to apply Chalk Paint™ Lacquer outside (though you may wish to do so to prevent colour fading). Shed walls, fencing, and brickwork are all porous (making them ideal Chalk Paint™ surfaces) and vertical facing. This means that they are much less prone to the key causes of outdoor damage – UV rays and standing water – and do not always require lacquering.

We do not recommend using Chalk Paint™ Wax outside in any instance.

Annie Sloan Stencilled Chalk Paint Table featuring Drinks
Annie Sloan English Yellow Chalk Paint Garden Dining Table and Chairs

Can You Paint Plastic Garden Furniture?

In a word: yes! To give Chalk Paint™ the best chance of bonding with the shiny plastic surface, give plastic garden furniture a quick sand all over before you begin painting.

How to Maintain Chalk Painted Outdoor Furniture

It’s best to bring your garden furniture under cover during the winter months to prolong the life of the Chalk Paint™ finish. To clean, avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach which could eat away at the Lacquer; warm soapy water will do the job.

Get started using Chalk Paint™ outside by browsing the Featured Products below for all the essentials. And as always, be sure to post your pictures on Instagram and tag us using @chalkpaint. We love to see your creations!


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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Outside Painted Furniture Scene featuring Table and Chairs and Chalk Paint Wall in Scandinavian Pink Close Up

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