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Pearlised Chalk Paint Bottles

Pearlised Chalk Paint Bottles

These bottles have been painted using Pearlescent Glaze and a Chalk Paint® tinting technique. Pearlescent Glaze can be applied directly over Chalk Paint® for ultimate shimmering effect, or very small amounts of highly pigmented Chalk Paint® colours can be added to the glaze to create your own bespoke coloured shimmers. Be conservative with the amount of Chalk Paint® you use so as to infuse the glaze with the pigments of the colour; if you’re too heavy handed with your Chalk Paint® ratios the subtlety of the illuminating reflective pearl particles in Pearlescent Glaze will be lost.

For these bottles, first they were painted in Old White. Then, from left to right, Annie mixed Pearlescent Glaze with Chalk Paint® in Old White, Florence, Aubusson Blue, Antibes Green, and English Yellow to create these soft and pretty shimmering shades. Pearlescent Glaze has durable qualities, so no further finish is required to seal these. For more information on how to use Pearlescent Glaze, click here

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