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Charleston Inspired Living Room

Charleston Inspired Living Room

This room was painted entirely in Chalk Paint® to suggest the iconic English living museum of art and design which is Charleston Farmhouse. Around Charleston you’ll notice repeat graphic shapes, botanical motifs, and lots and lots of colour. The artists living there liked to emphasise the character of the furniture and the rooms they were working with; here you’ll notice the Burgundy outlining on the beautiful crenulations of the table, and the thick borders on the wall panelling which are both effective, easy design quirks you can easily use in your home. The circle, leaf, and flower shapes have been achieved using Detail Brushes by Annie Sloan. For best results, use the shape of the brush to dictate the design of the pattern. This produces beautifully natural, fluid designs with maximum ease.

This floor is painted in Chalk Paint® in Tilton, a colour inspired by Vanessa Bell’s wardrobe at Charleston. It’s then been given two coats of Chalk Paint® Gloss Lacquer to protect. Always protect floors using Chalk Paint® Lacquer. For more information on painting floors, click here.

For further Charleston inspiration pick up one of Annie’s Charleston Gift Boxes, all of which come with an inspiration booklet and different suggested designs with step-by-step guides. Click here to see Charleston Farmhouse itself and learn more about the Annie Sloan with Charleston collaboration.

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