Comparison: Brush or Roller – What’s the Best Way to Paint Walls?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between using a brush and a roller? Annie and her son Felix put the two to a test to find the best method for painting walls

How do you choose the best tool for painting walls? Many people think the quickest way to paint a wall is using a roller. But have you ever thought about using a brush instead? There are many advantages to using a brush – for one it uses up less paint!

Annie always prefers to paint walls with a brush. But many people will instinctively opt for a roller. Realising our preference for brushes might be somewhat controversial, we decided to put the two methods to the test. In this comparison, we’ve painted the same wall in the same colour using a brush on one side and a roller on the other. So which do you think will win? Brush or roller?

How to paint walls – brush vs roller

  1. If you’re working with a brush instead of a roller, you can dip your brush directly in the tin of paint. No need for a tray.
  2. When dipping your brush, try not to charge the brush with too much paint. Just dip in the tip of the brush. You want to use a small amount of paint frequently.
  3. Use your whole arm when applying paint. With a brush you can go into and over any texture, which is particularly useful if the surface of the wall isn’t totally flat.
  4. Use the same brush again for cutting in along the ceiling edge of a wall and in the corners of the room.

We had a lot of fun with this experiment comparing using a brush to a roller on walls. You might decide you prefer the more uniform finish of paint that has been rolled on, but perhaps you’ll consider again when you see that not only will you use up more paint, but you’ll need more equipment and it will take longer to finish. If, like Annie, you like the texture and character of paint that has been brushed onto walls, then have a go using a Wall Paint Brush next time you decorate!

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