Wall Paint Brushes

Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint Brushes are made from natural fibres, designed specifically for the smooth and easy application of paint. They feature a high bristle count, which means they load more paint onto the brush, allowing you to cover large areas well. The handles are ergonomically designed for an effortless application. Annie prefers using these brushes for painting walls as they do not take any longer to apply than rollers and give a beautiful, textured finish.

Available in Small (3cm x 7cm) and Large (3cm x 10cm).

Wall Paint Brushes are not currently available in Southern Africa.
Not suitable for vegans.

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Bristles made from natural hog hair.

Annie Sloan Paint Swatch Old White
Old White
Annie Sloan Paint Swatch Paris Grey
Paris Grey
Annie Sloan Paint Swatch Aubusson Blue
Aubusson Blue