Annie Sloan Paint Tote

Our Annie Sloan Paint Totes are a painter’s best friend. They’re tightly woven in hardwearing but lightweight jute (a natural vegetable fibre) and firmly sewn to reinforce their structure, making them sturdy enough to carry your paint supplies with ease. The wide gusset holds tins upright in place. It’s lined with a waterproof fabric, just in case. It’s perfectly designed to snugly support 2 x 1l Chalk Paint™ tins, plus accessories.

The short handle and wide straps spread the weight of heavy loads, helping you to safely parade your new purchases around town. The metallic signature logo adds pizzazz and shows the world you know your Chalk Paint™ stuff! Perfect for gifting.

Bag does not include contents, this listing is for the Paint Tote only.

Dimensions: 26.5cm high x 34cm wide x 14cm deep.

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Dimensions: 26.5cm high x 34cm wide x 14cm deep.

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