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Terracotta Plaster Effect Wall

Terracotta Plaster Effect Wall

To create this plaster effect, first apply a base layer of Chalk Paint® in Scandinavian Pink to the entire wall. Once dry, add sections of diluted Henrietta over the top in random areas. 50:50 Chalk Paint® and water should be a good starting ratio but adjust as you go for more variation in opacity and character. Paint the mix on in small sections and whilst still wet use crumpled up newspaper to rub some of the paint away and create texture. Allow to dry fully and give a final wash of Paloma all over to give that powdery, romantic, plaster effect.

This wall is in Annie's garden room. If the wall is sheltered there is no need to use lacquer, but if you’re in a particularly wet or sun exposed area consider using Matt Chalk Paint® Lacquer for a muted, soft look or Gloss Lacquer to suggest Venetian egg gloss plaster. Both provide full UV protection to prevent colours fading and add durability.

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