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Patterned Mid-Century Modern Chairs
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Patterned Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Felix Sloan added a contemporary graphic pattern to these mid-century modern chairs using the Annie Sloan Detail Brushes.

Each chair’s back and front strut has been painted with Chalk Paint® in (from left to right) Provence, Aubusson Blue and Florence. Felix used a Flat Brush to apply this use colour, to create a smooth, modern finish. He then used each of the four brushes from the Detail Brush Set to create unique patterns on the backs of chairs, letting the brush dictate the type of mark made. Click the image circles to find out what colours are used on each chair. 

The chairs are finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax and upholstered with Aubusson & Provence Coloured Linen to complement the blue-green paint palette. 

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