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Oxford Toile Desk

Oxford Toile Desk

This Toile Desk was upcycled using the Oxford-inspired Toile which was designed for Issue 4 of The Colourist. Wittily parodying the pastoral scenes of traditional Toile-de-Jouy designs, our senior designer Joanna Lloyd used famous local landmarks from the home of Chalk Paint® (Annie’s factory in Oxford manufactures and distributes Chalk Paint® worldwide) on this decoupage paper pull out, included free inside every copy of The Colourist Issue 4.

To channel this smart and stylish bureau update, use a Small Flat Brush to paint your furniture with Chalk Paint® in Pure. The Small Flat Brush will help achieve a clean and smooth finish. Choose an area to pick out with Oxford Navy – Joanna used a Large Flat Detail Brush to do so most neatly. Measure the area to be covered and trim your Oxford Toile to fit. Then apply a coat of Annie Sloan Image Medium where you will place your Toile. Lay the decoupage paper over the slightly sticky surface, press firmly and smooth from the centre outwards (tip: dampen the toile slightly using a sponge to minimise creases and folding). Apply another coat of Annie Sloan Image Medium to seal the paper. Finish by protecting the rest of the desk with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax, using a lint-free cloth to remove excess Wax.

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