Mediterranean Style Dining Area in Napoleonic Blue and Oxford Navy Chalk Paint™

Don’t let travel restrictions spoil your summer holidays! Bring the Mediterranean Sea to you this summer by splashing bright, beautiful blues around your home and garden, just like this Mediterranean style dining area. Pair with warm accents in sunny yellows and chalky oranges to emphasise the refreshing quality of a sea breeze on Greek islands, or a freshly squeezed lemonade from a beachfront café on the Amalfi coast. Think of the strongly contrasting rich blues and egg-yolk yellows of Portuguese tiles, the Veronese flag, and painted Sicilian ceramics for inspiration.

Napoleonic Blue wall paint makes the perfect backdrop for the statement Oxford Navy Chalk Paint® mediterranean style stencilled table, with a pop of Greek Blue Chalk Paint® on the shutters.
Close up of the Oxford Navy Chalk Paint® mediterranean style stencilled table with stencilled trays in Florence and Napoleonic Blue and some fruit to accessorise.

This Mediterranean style dining area is a cool, calm oasis of reflective blues. The walls are painted with Napoleonic Blue Wall Paint, a statement colour inspired partly by Yves Klein Blue and the Yves Saint Laurent gardens in Morocco, Marrakesh.

This dramatic backdrop calls for tonal harmony to avoid competition between colours. With that in mind, the Mediterranean style dining table has been painted with Chalk Paint™ in Oxford Navy, while the stencil is in shallow-water cerulean Greek Blue. Greek Blue has also been used on the shutters. Matching small details on furniture with architectural elements of the home gives a fabulously editorial, holistic, deliberate finish to a room. Chalk Paint™ can be applied to wood, metal, flooring, glass, laminate and so much more – making it easy to achieve a high-end harmonious look with just a quick coat of colour, rather than shelling out on new matching sets whenever you fancy a change of scene.

The selection of jugs and jars further enhance the Mediterranean style of this room. These have all been painted using Florence, Napoleonic Blue and with touches of Barcelona Orange. You can see how the repetition of Napoleonic Blue from the walls onto these small room accessories gives a very luxurious, “designed” feel to the room. We used Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax to protect the jugs, trays, and accessories here because we wanted that traditional, velvet-suede finish of painted furniture. The shutters, floorboards and table have all been finished with Matt Chalk Paint™ Lacquer. Chalk Paint™ Lacquer is the best finish on large areas such as flooring, anywhere that may get wet (whether deliberately or by accident!) and on furniture which will be exposed to UV light. Using the Lacquer on the tabletop was an aesthetic choice, to ensure more harmony within the room.


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