How to Paint Internal Walls with Chalk Paint

If you want to know how, when, or why to paint the walls inside your home with Chalk Paint, this is the blog for you! We get a lot of questions about using Chalk Paint on brickwork, plaster, lime wash, and even “normal”, contemporary, plastered walls inside your home. But what are the benefits, why should you use Chalk Paint on your walls, and how should you prepare the surface before painting to get the best results?

The main reason for painting walls with Chalk Paint is because of the velvety luxe look, or because the wall is old and made with porous organic materials which require a breathable paint. Some people also prefer to use Chalk Paint because of it’s environmentally thoughtful qualities such as the A+ air quality rating, the fact it’s made in the UK, or its water-based formula.

Breathable paint is recommended for damp walls, stone walls, & cellar walls. It can help to prevent mould by allowing walls to “breathe” because it has special microporous characteristics which allow water vapour to permeate instead of keeping it trapped within the wall.

chalk paint on walls

How to Paint with Chalk Paint Indoors: A Step-by-Step Guide

Chalk Paint has become a favourite among interiors mavens, DIY enthusiasts, and upcyclers for its versatility, matte finish, and ease of use. If you’re considering using Chalk Paint indoors, especially on walls, here’s a guide to help you achieve the best results.

First things first: ask yourself Is Annie Sloan Wall Paint the better choice?
Annie Sloan Wall Paint is a paint designed especially for walls. Like Chalk Paint it’s water-based, incredibly low in VOCs and other chemicals, and rated A+ air quality.

Annie Sloan Wall Paint uses the same premium, head turning, artist-grade pigments which Chalk Paint is so beloved for. With Annie Sloan Wall Paint you will still get the colour pay-off you love about Chalk Paint, and a similar semi-matte velvety luxe finish. The difference is that Annie Sloan Wall Paint has inbuilt durability, making it long-lasting, wipe-clean and suitable for busy homes. We would always recommend using Annie Sloan Wall Paint on walls where possible for best results. Click here to explore the Annie Sloan Wall Paint range, which includes Chalk Paint bestsellers and brand new shades formulated especially for walls.

However, if your walls require a breathable finish, if you aspire to that ultra-matte, soft, velvet Chalk Paint look, or if you want to paint a feature wall using a Chalk Paint technique, then Chalk Paint is the better choice.

chalk paint on walls

Why Choose Chalk Paint?

Chalk Paint is beloved for its ultra-matte finish, vintage aesthetic, and its ability to emulate decorative finishes. It’s particularly useful for creating a soft, aged look on furniture and decorative pieces. However, it can also be used on walls to add a unique touch to your interior spaces.

When to Use Chalk Paint on Walls

Chalk Paint can be a great choice for walls in older homes with lime render or lime plaster, where breathability is important. These types of walls need to “breathe” to prevent moisture buildup and damage, making Chalk Paint a suitable option.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Preparation: Use sugar soap or a mild detergent to clean the walls. This will remove any grease, grime, or dust. A slightly damp wall will soak up the paint and use more so allow to dry fully before you start.

Tools You Will Need

You can use standard painting tools with Chalk Paint. However, the thickness of Chalk Paint might make rollers a bit messier to use compared to brushes. Here are some recommended tools:

  1. Brushes: Our Chalk Paint brush is designed with different length brushes and a hollow in the middle. This shaping of the bristles allows the brush to pick up more paint so that it can be applied more thickly and spread more easily without overworking. This will help you builg the texture which Chalk Paint is known for.
  2. Rollers: If you prefer rollers, be prepared for a bit more clean up. Annie prefers brushes, especially when using Chalk Paint as she loves the paint to look organic in its application and feels that visible brush strokes add to the patina and the finish.
Photo by Lara Roberts from Annie Sloan Stockists Plant and Paint Hull Chalk Paint Brushes

Painting Tips

  1. Application: Start painting with your chosen tool—brush or roller. Apply the paint evenly, working in small sections. The paint will dry quickly so be sure to avoid over-working and moving the paint around once it is dry. Chalk Paint is forgiving, so don’t worry too much about visible brush strokes; they can add to the character of the finish.
  2. Layering: Depending on the coverage and look you desire, you may need to apply more than one coat. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next.
Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan tins with Wax and Lacquer and a Sponge Roller and a MixMat

Considerations for High-Traffic Areas

While Chalk Paint can create a beautiful finish, it might not be the best choice for high-traffic areas. Darker tones especially may transfer onto clothes and show marks easily. If you do choose to use Chalk Paint in these areas, you can mix in 10-20% lacquer with the paint to strengthen it. However, be aware that adding Chalk Paint Lacquer can increase the sheen and reduce the signature chalky appearance. In these areas we would strongly recommend using Annie Sloan Wall Paint for one step durable paint finish that can be rubbed, scrubbed and wiped clean.

Finishing Touches

  1. Lacquer or No Lacquer: If you want to maintain the authentic soft matte look, avoid using a topcoat.
  2. Alternative Options: For areas where durability is a priority, you might consider using Annie Sloan Wall Paint instead. It’s more resistant to wear and easier to clean.

Final Thoughts

Painting with Chalk Paint can transform your interior walls with a distinctive, charming look. With the right preparation and tools, you can achieve stunning results. Just remember to consider the specific needs of your space and whether the delicate, matte finish of Chalk Paint is suitable for the area you are painting. Click here to explore our Chalk Paint palette.

Happy painting!


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