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Gothic Cabinet by Girl in Blue Designs

Gothic Cabinet by Girl in Blue Designs

Painter in Residence Charlie Massey, aka Girl In Blue Designs, began with a base of Chalk Paint® in Amsterdam Green. She then chose Burgundy to provide contrast and accentuate the curvature of this furniture. She applied Burgundy mostly to the corners and edges of the piece, where shadow would naturally fall, and then blended into the Amsterdam Green. She worked with wet paint to facilitate the blending, stepping back frequently and working in small sections at a time.

Once happy with how her Burgundy and Amsterdam Green had been applied, Charlie used Lem Lem to add highlights. She used a small brush, dipped in Lem Lem, and then wiped most of the Chalk Paint® off the brush before using a gentle swiping motion to apply over the curves. The legs were badly damaged so Charlie used Black Chalk Paint® Wax to disguise those flaws, then applied some light touches of Lem Lem. Finally, she used Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to finish this dynamic piece of furniture!

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