The artist Pablo Picasso famously once said “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” cementing the idea that colour and emotion are deeply connected. But could colour really spark joy?

Colour expert, artist, and Chalk Paint inventor, Annie Sloan has championed the transformative impact of colour throughout her career. “Colour is all about joy,” she says. “It’s a deeply personal thing to choose a shade of paint, so lean into colours that speak to you and are most likely to elicit a smile, each and every time you notice them.”

Explore our full range of colours here. Or keep scrolling for a guaranteed dopamine-hit, courtesy of colour:

Firstly, Blues

Colours to Spark Joy Louis Blue, Capri Pink, and Firle Chalk Paint Featuring Vase and Mirror in Capri Pink

Blues can make us feel soothed and secure; they’re also a refreshing alternative to neutrals. Use them in entrance spaces and hallways to reinforce that “I’m home” feeling. Pictured here is soft Louis Blue, but you could also use fresh, gentle Upstate Blue, or sophisticated and elegant Pemberley Blue to achieve the same effect.

Our next Colour to Spark Joy is…


Terre Verte Dining Room and Athenian Black Chair and Ticking in Graphite Tablecloth and Seat Cushion
Colours to Spark Joy Knightsbridge Green Pared-Back Kitchen

Greens remind us of nature and can be stimulating, much like the energising boost of a stroll through countryside or parks. Because of their organic origins, greens are a particularly good choice for painting kitchens and dining rooms. Pictured here are cool grey-green Terre Verte (left) and stately Knightsbridge Green (right).


Piranesi Pink Striped Bedroom Featuring Olive Painted Chest of Drawers
Colours to Spark Joy Capri Pink Wall Paint Study and Accessories in Emperor's Silk, Antoinette, and Athenian Black Chalk Paint

Next up, the colour of the moment: pink! Use soft, dusky pinks like Piranesi Pink (as seen on the left), or Pointe Silk, in bedrooms for their calming and restorative qualities. Or to create a sense of sensuality and strength in your interiors, use bright, fuchsia pinks like Capri Pink on the right.

Our top tip: If you’re not feeling bold enough for floor-to-ceiling fuchsia just yet, use Capri Pink Chalk Paint™ on lamp bases, trays, or even candlesticks for a pop of joy-inducing colour!


English Yellow Chalk Painted Front Door and Green Foliage
Colours to Spark Joy Carnaby Yellow Wall Paint Bathroom and Olive Chalk Paint Bath

The colour of sunshine itself is our next mood-boosting shade: Yellow. Yellows remind us of sunlight and of long, happy summer days. Bright, joyful yellows like English Yellow (left) and Tilton are perfect used outdoors for year-round colour. Warm, mustard yellows like Carnaby Yellow (right), on the other hand, create a pleasant, cocooning effect and are ideal for using in bathrooms or other intimate spaces.

Convinced you do all your best thinking in the shower? This next Colour to Spark Joy is for you!


Old Violet Chalk Paint Chequered Floor in Bathroom and Paris Grey Annie Sloan Wall Paint

Purple is the perfect choice for painting bathrooms and home offices because it can enhance creativity, and bring a sense of balance to your thoughts. Ideal for productivity, or for those relaxing, reflective moments. Pictured here, the shade of blue lavender, Old Violet, has been used to create this chequered floorboard effect. Next to soft, elegant Paris Grey, the result is gentle and timeless.

Lastly, don’t forget to use Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to ensure surfaces painted in Chalk Paint™ endure in bathrooms or outdoors!

Ready to spark some joy? Browse all the products here in our Featured Products section. Or head over to @anniesloanhome on Instagram for your regular colour fix!


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