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Blue Ombre Wardrobe by Ildiko Horvath
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Blue Ombre Wardrobe by Ildiko Horvath

Our Painter in Residence Ildiko Horvath used her signature style of ombré to create this wardrobe, blending her favourite colours of green and blue.

First, she painted the whole piece in a mix of Duck Egg Blue and Louis Blue. Once dry, Ildiko dry brushed Graphite in to all the moldings and edges to create a sense of depth.

To create the ombré effect, she used a water-filled spray bottle to help with colour blending. Starting at the top she painted a mixture of Amsterdam Green and Pure, adding more Pure as she went down to create a lighter colour. Again using the spray, she added a mixture of Greek Blue and Pure in the middle. She then added more Greek Blue, blending it into Napoleonic Blue at the bottom. A final all-over spray with the water bottle was used to create a smooth, seamless blend of colour.

The wardrobe was then finished off with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax all over and a little Dark and Black Wax at the bottom. 

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