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Art Deco Wardrobe by Jeanie Simpson
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Art Deco Wardrobe by Jeanie Simpson

Painter in Residence Jeanie Simpson transformed this imposing, dark oak veneer wardrobe into a light, feminine master piece with Art Deco design flourishes and lines.

Before starting the project, Jeanie created different designs and sketches. Once she had decided on a pattern, she used painter’s tape and a pencil to map out her design onto the wardrobe.

The base of the wardrobe is painted with Chalk Paint® in Pure to create a blank canvas. The lines and designs are painted with Emile, Paloma and Coco, and the whole piece is finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. Once waxed all over, Jeanie gilded the fluted beading on the handles, door edge and feet with the Annie Sloan Gilding Wax in Warm Gold.

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