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Using Black Chalk Paint Wax

Simply add a touch of Black Chalk Paint® Wax to give a cool, dark finish to your paintwork, bringing out texture, as well as darkening and enriching colours.

  1. Paint your piece of furniture with Chalk Paint®, moving your brush in all directions to create a rich, textured finish. Here we've used Antoinette, but bright and bold colours like Antibes Green work brilliantly with black wax too.

  2. Allow the paint to dry. This shouldn't take long – you just want the paint to feel dry to the touch.

  3. Use an Chalk Paint® Wax Brush to apply a light, all-over coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

  4. Now use an Chalk Paint® Wax Brush to apply Black Chalk Paint® Wax, working it into every detail.

  5. Use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe away any excess wax from the surface and bring out your brush strokes and any detailing, such as carvings, in your piece of furniture. If you need to take the Black Wax back any further, you can always use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax again as an 'eraser'.

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