How to Create an Aged Look using Dark Chalk Paint® Wax

Discover how to antique a pine bedhead, using Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. This wax is the perfect and easy way to age and bring out the texture of your paint work.

  1. Paint your furniture using the Chalk Paint® colour of your choice, Annie is using Old White here. Use her Chalk Paint® Brush, applying the paint every which way for a textured look (this will help with the aged finish).
  2. Once dry, paint a second coat to make sure every part of the piece is painted.
  3. Allow the paint to dry before applying a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax using a Chalk Paint® Wax Brush.
  4. Remove any excess wax with a lint-free cloth.
  5. While the Clear Wax is still wet, apply Dark Chalk Paint® Wax with a Chalk Paint® Wax Brush, working in small areas at a time. Apply liberally – it will appear very dark, but don’t worry, you will be able to knock this back.
  6. *TIP: If the Clear Wax has dried before you can work in the Dark Wax, you can always apply more.
  7. Using a clean lint-free cloth, wipe back the Dark Wax. You can wipe back as much as you want depending on the look you are going for. The Dark Wax should sit nicely in the brushstrokes you created with the paint. If you want to take even more off, you can use Clear Chalk Paint® Wax as an eraser.
  8. Finally, once your Dark Wax has dried, ensure that the whole piece has had at least one coat of Clear Wax to seal in your finish.

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