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Making Double Fringing for Cushions and Sofas

Making Double Fringing for Cushions and Sofas

Annie Sloan Coloured Linens are perfect for fringing as the weft and the warp are made from different colours. This gilded sofa was upholstered in Louis Blue & Graphite fabric. The decorative trim and fringing was made with two different fabrics: Emperor’s Silk & Florence as well as Aubusson & Provence.

  1. Begin with two strips of fabric. The strips should be 5cm in width and as long as you need. They can both be the same colour or different. The strips should be ripped rather than cut.

  2. Place the two strips on top of each other and then fold them down the centre lengthways.

  3. Pin them at this point to make it easy for you to sew.

  4. Using your machine, sew with a running stitch about 1 cm from the folded edge.

  5. Now fray the open edge all the way down to the running stitch.

  6. Pulling threads can be done one by one, or you might find it easier to use a seam ripper.

  7. To add your finished fringe to a cushion, just sew it into the seam as is. For an upholstery trim, cut open the folded edge of the trim, trim to about 0.5cm and iron open with an iron. This creates a ‘base’ from which to fix your fringe to the furniture.

    This gilded sofa with double fringing is featured in Annie Sloan Paints Everything published by CICO Books 2016. See the book to find out how the chair was painted and gilded. Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books.


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