How to Create a Simple Vintage Look

A classic vintage look is easy to achieve using just one Chalk Paint® colour and a touch of clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

  1. Apply a coat of Chalk Paint®, moving the brush in all directions. Here, Annie has used Old White.
  2. Apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax with a lint-free cloth or brush, working the wax into the paint like hand cream and removing any excess as you go.
  3. *Optional* Remove a little of the paint using a fine or medium-grit sandpaper, until you achieve the finish you always imagined.
  4. *Optional* For a great antique look, use Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. Work it into your (still wet) Clear Wax and spread. Wax small areas at a time, and remove excess wax with Clear Wax as you go.
  5. Finish by making sure that every part of your furniture has been waxed at least once with a lint free cloth.
  6. Want to know more? Each Annie Sloan Stockist can offer you workshops and practical advice on these and other techniques from the Annie Sloan Method.

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