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How to create a repeat pattern using an Annie Sloan Stencil

How to create a repeat pattern using an Annie Sloan Stencil

This tile effect table top is easy to create using the Tile Stencil designed by Annie Sloan exclusively for The Colourist issue 1!

  1. Purchase a copy of The Colourist from your local Stockist. The Annie Sloan Tile Stencil comes free with every copy of the first issue!

  2. TOP TIP: before starting, Annie suggests that you give the stencil a coat of water-based varnish. This will make the stencil more rigid and give it extra resilience so it lasts longer. 

  3. Paint the surface of your table in Chalk Paint® in Graphite. Ensure it's completely dry before moving to step 4.

  4. Pour a small amount of Chalk Paint® in Pure onto your MixMat™. Roll the Large Sponge Roller back and forth – to load the roller with an even spread of paint.

  5. For a square or rectangle surface, start by lining your stencil along the edges. Place your stencil into position then go over the design from left to right, then top to bottom with your roller.  This will ensure even coverage.

  6. Carefully lift the stencil up corner by corner. Place your stencil down on the surface one motif apart from the previous stencilled tile. Leaving a one tile gap between painting prevents the first tile motif from being smudged when you come to stencil the second.

  7. Continue stencilling your tile motifs one tile apart until you have covered the area you wish to stencil. Leave to dry for a few hours or speed up the process with a hairdryer.

  8. Once your first set of tile motifs are dry, fill in the gaps. This is a deliberately rustic tile design so don't worry about lining it up too precisely, it all adds to the charm of the finished piece!

  9. When your stencilled tile motifs are completely dry, finish and protect your paint work by applying Clear Chalk Paint® Wax with a Small Chalk Paint® Wax Brush. Remove any excess wax with a lint-free cloth.

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