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For the Rustic Chippy Look

For the Rustic Chippy Look

You can transform any piece of furniture with this rustic aged look. All you need is two thick coats of Chalk Paint® and a little sandpaper.

  1. Leave the paint in the fridge for a few hours to get it really thick.

  2. Paint two coats (or even three in some parts) and leave to dry – or you can use a hairdryer get some really good cracks.

  3. Apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax with a lint-free cloth or brush, working the wax into the paint like hand cream and removing any excess as you go.

  4. When it’s dry, ‘knock’ the paint off with a piece of folded sandpaper.

  5. *Optional* For a great antique look, use Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. Work it into your (still wet) Clear Chalk Paint® Wax and spread. Wax small areas at a time, and remove excess wax with Clear Wax as you go.

  6. Finish by making sure that every part of your furniture has been waxed at least once with a lint free cloth.

    Want to know more? Each Annie Sloan Stockist can offer you workshops and practical advice on these and other techniques from the Annie Sloan Method.

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