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Dip dyeing fabric with Chalk Paint

Dip dyeing fabric with Chalk Paint

Dip dyeing with Chalk Paint® is a great way to completely change the colour of fabric, whether small or large.

  1. Create your dye by adding 1 tablespoon of Chalk Paint to roughly 1 litre of tepid water in a bucket or large bowl. Stir thoroughly to ensure the paint is completely dispersed.

  2. Dip your fabric into the dye and agitate the fabric until the whole piece is evenly dyed.

  3. Do not leave the fabric to soak. Remove from the water and leave to drip-dry outdoors or next to a heater.

  4. Once completely dry, iron or tumble dry the fabric to seal the colour. Do not use salt, this tends to increase colour bleed.

    You can then wash your material on a 30ºC wash with no colour loss. NB. if you use a stronger quantity of paint in your dye, there might be more colour lose when washed.

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