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Creating a Warehouse Look with Black Chalk Paint Wax

Annie shows you how to create a graphic and dramatic Warehouse look using Chalk Paint® and Black Chalk Paint® Wax. 

  1. Paint your piece all over so that you end up with a smooth finish - this is important for achieving a Warehouse look. 

  2. Start off by applying Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to the piece using a brush, covering the surface so that you don't leave anything bare, and take off the excess using a cloth. 

  3. Next up, apply Black Wax to the piece - using a big brush will help you cover it quickly! Make certain that you apply the wax in all directions, so that the grain is all covered. 

  4. Next, wipe off the excess with a cloth. How long you leave the Black Wax on before wiping off the excess depends on how dark you want the final effect to be (longer, the darker). 

  5. Go back to applying some Clear Wax to remove more of the excess Black Wax - like this, Clear Wax acts as a bit of an eraser, removing Black Wax where it's too thick. 

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