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Tim Gould Coffee Table
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Tim Gould Coffee Table

Tim had this coffee table for years. It used to have a glass top to it, however Tim accidentally smashed the glass years ago and replaced it with a piece of ply. The idea for the table came from the many stains and marks the table has gained over the years and the memories that they’ve left behind.

Tim created his stencils using a computer and laid them down on the table, painting them in layers of Pure, Emperor’s Silk, Provence and Graphite. Each layer of paint was rubbed down using a cloth.

Using Gold Leaf, Tim highlighted areas of text and imagery, before removing the stencils, using tweezers and a scalpel to reveal the text and images. The areas that were covered with the stencils are left as bare wood, as if the paint has been cut-out of the paint.

Tim finished the piece with Clear Soft Wax and a little Dark Soft Wax.

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