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Textured Wall
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Textured Wall

Annie created this rough and luxurious wall using five different Chalk Paint® colours to give depth and interest.

Annie started by painting this wall all over with Old Ochre. Next she poured equal amounts of Duck Egg Blue and Louis Blue onto a Mixmat™ and mixed the colours roughly using a cardboard applicator. She gently scraped the paint along the wall with the cardboard using varied pressure.

She then poured some Coco onto the MixMat and applied this to the wall in the same way, but in lower qualities as Coco is a darker colour and has more impact. She finally poured Old White on to the MixMat™ and applied all over the wall.

Once dry she smoothed the wall with sandpaper to remove any very uneven paint, and used an electric buffer to make the wall shine. She then finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to protect it. 

Take from Annie Sloan Paints Everything, Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books. 

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