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Painted desk by Jonathon Marc Mendes
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Painted desk by Jonathon Marc Mendes

Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes painted this roll-top desk in a gorgeous combination of Chalk Paint® colours, showcasing a range of techniqes, under a botanical theme.

On the middle drawer, Jonathon used a fossil leaf technique, which is essentially like using real leaves as a stamp! To try this technique yourself, press leaves in to paint, vein side down, and leave there until the paint is nearly dry. Then, to highlight the beautiful slightly 3D print that this creates, use a little Dark Chalk Paint® Wax.

To finish the piece and to bring it all together, Jonathon used Annie Sloan Sanding Pads to lightly distress areas over the whole desk. He then applied a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to seal in the paint and protect his wonderful work.

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