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Mid-Century Modern Chairs
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Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Annie found these chairs languishing in an attic before transforming them completely with a little love, paint, and fabric.

First, the old shabby velvet was stripped from the seat pads and replaced with Gentleman fabric from the Annie Sloan range – it’s perfect for the Modern Retro look and, as a natural cotton fabric, it’s simple to dye using Chalk Paint®.

To dye the fabric, Annie used masking tape to mark out the area she wanted to paint. She then diluted her paint with water to achieve a loose consistency (roughly one part paint to ten parts water). She used a small, flat brush to apply the paint and made sure to work it into the fabric as she applied it.

For the chair frames, she used Graphite Chalk Paint® sealed with clear wax. She kept the back panels in their original grain, polished with some Danish oil to bring out their natural lustre.

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