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Leopard Print Batik Cabinet by shed eleven
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Leopard Print Batik Cabinet by shed eleven

Annie’s Painters-in-Residence, shed eleven, used layers of paint and candle wax as a resist to create texture on this piece. They were inspired by batik printmaking.

Their first step was to apply a base coat of Chalk Paint® in Graphite, before applying melted candle wax in the outline of a leopard’s rosette spots, to areas which they wanted to stay Graphite. They then applied a second coat in Arles, adding more melted wax over the areas which should remain as Arles (the centre of the leopard spots). They then applied a third coat in Scandinavian Pink. Next, they softened the candle wax using a hair drier then lifted it off using a palette knife or an old credit card. Each layer of wax removed reveals a different colour paint! Hover over the image to see progress shots. Finally, they protected their work with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

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