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Graphite Ombre Chest by Girl in Blue Designs

Graphite Ombre Chest by Girl in Blue Designs

Girl in Blue Designs, aka Charlie Massey, began by painting the legs with Chalk Paint® in Graphite. Whilst still wet, she added Pure across the lowest drawer up to the middle of the piece. Then she applied Antoinette from the middle to the top. Once these sections were dry, she layered Graphite over the Antoinette and used a spray bottle to dampen the areas where Graphite and Pure meet. She used a clean brush to blend the colours.

Once completely dry, Charlie used a wet distress technique. Wet distressing can be harder to concentrate on specific areas than traditional sanding; to combat this ensure your wet rag is well rung out and focus on small areas at a time to avoid over doing it. Charlie varied the pressure to reveal both Antoinette and bare wood. She finished the piece of with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

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