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Graphic Patterned Plan Chest
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Graphic Patterned Plan Chest

This plan chest is an unusual piece of furniture to have around the home, but the pattern technique is versatile and can be taken and applied on almost any scale to any piece.

Annie painted the piece all over with Chalk Paint® in Old White. She then loaded a small Flat Brush with Greek Blue to create the straight bands of colour. Repeat with Primer Red, Scandinavian Pink, and Antibes Green.

The next step is creating the shapes, for which you’ll need smaller brushes. The Annie Sloan Detail Brush set is ideal for this. To create the triangles Annie used the large round Detail Brush. The square shapes are achieved by using the large or small flat Detail Brushes in one, bold stroke. The whole piece is finished with Clear Wax.

A full step by step guide to this project is in Annie Sloan’s book Annie Sloan Paints Everything.

Photography by Christopher Drake © CICO Books.

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