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Folk Art Playhouse by shed eleven
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Folk Art Playhouse by shed eleven

This Ukrainian style playhouse was created with an ode to Jemma of shed eleven's partner's Ukrainian heritage, and to help educate Jemma’s children about their multi-cultural background.

Jemma gave the roof of this playhouse a wash of Chalk Paint® in Old White. Next, she used a strong coat of Old White on the door and window box. The outside of the playhouse is painted in a mix Napoleonic Blue and Graphite, and the inside is painted in Barcelona Orange.

To create the tile pattern, Jemma carved four small Lino squares of different flower designs. If you’re not confident in your lino carving abilities, you can browse Annie’s stencil collection here. Tallulah and Poppy Pod are great options for creating a traditional folk mien. Jemma printed her stencil design in Old White in a repeating pattern of 180 prints total. Finally, she applied a stencil design to the front door using the same mix as the outside base coat. 

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