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Farmhouse Olive Kitchen

Farmhouse Olive Kitchen

This stunning kitchen space is a perfect example of how to use muted earthy Chalk Paint® tones to create a beautiful, calm atmosphere.

The walls have been painted in Chalk Paint® in Olive. Annie Sloan Home also offers a Wall Paint in a carefully chosen range of Chalk Paint® colours. It has a more durable and wipe clean finish than Chalk Paint®. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still use Chalk Paint® on your walls! Chalk Paint® actually recommended in homes which require a breathable paint on their walls (usually older properties, particularly those built with soft stone). However, without applying Chalk Paint® Wax or Lacquer the Chalk Paint® won’t be protected from wear and tear so do bear this in mind. These walls have been sealed with Clear Wax to make them suitable for a kitchen. 

Olive is inspired by classical paint colours, and this room does have an almost Vermeer-esque quality to it. It’s also a colour filled with Mediterranean warmth (as the name suggests). Used with this shelf in Château Grey and Primer Red, and a curtain made using Ticking in Olive from Annie’s Fabric Collection, we’re left with a sophisticated yet rustic look. Annie’s whole Fabric Collection – which includes Linen Unions, a variety of prints, and Tickings - has been developed to exactly colour match the Chalk Paint® Palette. This makes creating a harmonious space that much easier.

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