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English Yellow Outdoor Dining

English Yellow Outdoor Dining

This garden looks positively tropical – and we have it on good authority that this photograph was taken on a wet and windy day in London!

To bring some year-round cheer to your outdoor spaces, use Chalk Paint® in English Yellow. This furniture was metal: as you know, Chalk Paint® paints everything but it prefers porous surfaces. When painting shiny surfaces such as metal, laminate, or glass you need to do two things. The first thing is to apply the paint in very thin coats. Stir the Chalk Paint® well when you open it so it’s as runny as possible – you can even add water if it’s especially thick, and make sure not to overload your brush.

Once you’ve applied your thin coat of Chalk Paint® leave double the drying time to allow the Chalk Paint® to really affix to your surface as well as possible before applying your next thin coat. You may find this means you need to apply three coats to achieve density of colour. You can also lightly sand metals and plastics to key the surface slightly and help the paint to stick.

Then, once you’ve finished painting outdoors apply Chalk Paint® Lacquer to protect your furniture. Both Matt and Gloss Chalk Paint® Lacquer contain UV protection as well as having water resistant properties – thereby ensuring your garden looks colourful and cheerful all year long, with no colour fading!

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