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Chinese Armoire by shed eleven
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Chinese Armoire by shed eleven

Fanny of shed eleven began this project by applying a base coat of Chalk Paint® in English Yellow over the entire piece, followed by a layer of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. She then painted Emperor’s Silk in sections. Whilst the paint was still wet, Fanny used a comb to scrape through and reveal the layer of English Yellow beneath to create this Oriental fan design. She finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax over the whole piece, then added an additional coat of Dark Chalk Paint® Wax on the plain Emperor’s Silk parts of the Armoire.

Inside is painted with Chalk Paint® in Graphite and Antibes Green; the contrast between the highly pigmented red and vivid green adds to the overall opulent effect.

Fanny has addded more oriental interest with auspicious boards, bought from Singapore and painted with Antibes Green and finished with Dark and Clear Wax.

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