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Arles Sunroom

Arles Sunroom

This gorgeous sunroom has been painted entirely in Chalk Paint® in Arles. The perfect colour to maximise sunlight and add warmth on days when the weather isn’t providing as much as one might wish for. The paint on the window fixings and frames has been protected with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. This is because those areas will be touched frequently. However, the wooden beams in the ceiling and the stone walls below the windows have been given a lick of Chalk Paint® and left as is. These surfaces are both porous – and Chalk Paint® loves porous surfaces! They also are unlikely to be touched regularly or require washing and therefore applying Wax or Lacquer would be unnecessary.

The dining table has been painted in Chalk Paint® in Burgundy. This rich wine-red complements the buttery terracotta tones of Arles. A stencil of Tallulah applied to the table-top in Emperor’s Silk adds interest, and again because a table is a surface which sees a lot of usage, the whole thing has been protected with two coats of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax. Finally, the seating has been painted in Old Violet, Barcelona Orange and Florence, then waxed with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

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