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How to create random patterns using Chalk Paint

It's easy to create your own patterns with Chalk Paint® – use stencils and found objects just like Annie.

  1. First, paint your furniture piece in a Chalk Paint® colour of your choice. Annie has painted this wooden chest with Chalk Paint® in Henrietta.

  2. Experiment with colour on the Annie Sloan MixMat™, using Chalk Paint® colours in different combinations. Adding Pure to Chalk Paint® will brighten and lighten any palette. 

  3. Now add patterns to your piece. Try using an Annie Sloan Sponge Roller to apply different stencils in random placements. Here Annie has used the Petrushka, Circles and Valeska stencils.

  4. Patterns can be created from anything. Annie has wrapped string around a rectangle of cardboard on varying angles and painted the string in Barcelona Orange, which she has used to stamp a pattern around the edge of the chest. 

  5. What else can be used to apply paint? Try using a bolt end dipped in Chalk Paint® in Greek Blue, for a random circular motif. 

  6. Once you're happy with the pattern you created, sand down the painted piece using a fine Annie Sloan Sanding Pad. This will reveal the layers of stencils you have painted, creating a pared-back look. 

  7. Apply Chalk Paint® Wax directly on the paint with the Chalk Paint® Wax Brush. Here, Annie has used her White Chalk Paint® Wax. 

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