Annie Sloan Gift Card

Give the gift of creativity with an Annie Sloan Gift Card!

Absolutely anyone can use Annie’s paint; which is why this gift is perfect for your loved ones. Suitable for anybody from nervous beginners to seasoned upcyclers. Encourage recipients to enjoy the therapeutic powers of Chalk Paint™ and discover a new hobby or nurture an existing passion for home improvement.

Available from participating Stockists only, the Annie Sloan Gift Cards can be perfectly tailored to you and the person you’re buying for; they come in a range of six beautiful designs, with a blank space on the back for your message, and can reflect any amount.

Simply contact your local Stockist to check availability, purchase a card from them, et voila! Save the environment by encouraging upcycling, delight that special someone, and support an independent business! Win win.

Gift Cards can only be used in the Stockist shop where it was purchased, and only to buy Annie Sloan products.

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