Table Runner in Provence and Antibes Green

This soft, linen table runner is made with fabric from the Annie Sloan Linen Union Collection, perfectly matching the Chalk Paint™ range. It is made in two colours; Provence  + Aubusson Blue in the centre, and English Yellow + Antibes Green on the border.

Size: 180 x 45cm

Currently only available as an online exclusive to the UK.

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Annie Sloan Paint Swatch English Yellow
English Yellow
Annie Sloan Paint Swatch Antibes Green
Antibes Green
Annie Sloan Paint Swatch Aubusson Blue
Aubusson Blue
Linen Union in English Yellow + Antibes Green fabric by Annie Sloan
English Yellow + Antibes Green
Linen Union in Provence + Aubusson Blue fabric by Annie Sloan
Provence + Aubusson Blue