What is Annie Sloan Satin Paint and where can I use it?

Annie Sloan Satin Paint is a water-based, low VOC interior paint designed for use on wood and metal. It’s really that straightforward. Annie has added it to her range because her mission in life is to make your world as beautiful as possible… as easily as possible. 

Chalk Paint™ can be applied to almost any surface, but requires a coat of Chalk Paint™ Wax or Lacquer to protect and finish. Whilst Annie Sloan Satin Paint isn’t as versatile, it’s a quicker upcycling solution for wooden and metal furniture.

As well as being a furniture paint, Annie Sloan Satin Paint is specifically designed for the most hardworking parts of your home. Annie Sloan Satin Paint is a skirting paint, a door paint, a bannister paint, a radiator paint, a millwork paint, and a kitchen cabinet paint. Use on these areas and the slight sheen in this wood paint will keep them looking beautiful, durable and well protected for years to come. Even in busy households. 

What are the advantages of Annie Sloan Satin Paint?

Although Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan can famously be applied to virtually any surface, it has to be reinforced with finishing products before it’s protected against wear and tear. 

Annie Sloan Satin Paint has built-in and protective, defensive, long-lasting qualities. There is no need to use Chalk Paint™ Wax or Chalk Paint™ Lacquer with Annie Sloan Satin Paint. This makes it a much more practical solution for painting your skirting, your door frames, your stair rails and bannisters, your radiators and even your kitchen cabinets. 

Annie Sloan Satin Paint has a 10% sheen, giving a subtle luminosity and greater hard-wearing properties than a matt paint. 

The Annie Sloan Satin Paint range is comprised of 14 beautiful colours from the Annie Sloan Wall Paint palette. This will make it as fuss-free as possible for customers to achieve an elegant, holistic interiors scheme. Match or contrast skirting to your wall colours, use the same shade on kitchen chairs and tables as on your cabinets, or disguise radiators easily by using Annie Sloan Satin Paint. 

It’s also a water-based, certified Toy Safe, low VOC paint with A+ indoor air quality, like all paints from the Annie Sloan range. 

What should I use Annie Sloan Satin Paint on?

Annie Sloan Satin Paint is the perfect interiors wood paint for kitchen cupboards, doors, bannisters, dado rails, skirting, window frames or sills, and all other internal wood trim. It’s equally easy to use on interior metals, for example radiators.

You can also use Annie Sloan Satin Paint as a furniture paint. Whilst we still recommend Chalk Paint™ to achieve decorative effects, on flooring, and for outdoor projects, those who are looking to upcycle furniture quickly and easily should consider Annie Sloan Satin Paint. This will save time by cutting out the Waxing or Lacquering step necessary to fully protect Chalk Paint™ pieces. 

Where can I use Annie Sloan Satin Paint?

As a rule of thumb, Annie Sloan Satin Paint is the paint to choose for all internal wooden or metal projects. When painting outdoors, please use Chalk Paint™ in conjunction with our water-resistant, UV protected Chalk Paint™ Lacquer.

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